About Us


We are a church with a compelling God-given vision – to be a “City On A Hill” (Matthew 5:14). Our calling thus is to be a people that will let our light shine before men in the community where we are located and even beyond in order that they might give praise to our Father in heaven.


To be a “City On A Hill” we strongly believe that our calling is to be God’s people – a people who live a kingdom lifestyle. This means having a kingdom mindset, holding fast to kingdom values, pursuing kingdom priorities and fulfilling kingdom purposes.

  • BELONG – We are Relational. We seek to promote vibrant Body Life recognizing that we are members of God’s family living in community characterized by love, inter-dependence and mutual encouragement.
  • BELIEVE – We are Transformational. We seek to grow in maturity and Christlikeness. We are committed to be instructed and guided by God’s Word in a way that will bring about heart change and renewed thinking.
  • BLESS – We are Missional. We seek to be salt of the earth and light of the world. We are committed to be an externally-focused church – a church without walls seeking to love our neighbours as ourselves by being a positive presence in our community, schools and workplaces. For this to happen we believe that we must return to discipleship. We must commit wholeheartedly to following after Jesus in a lifelong relationship that is both transformational and missional.


Our cell groups (CGs) are our basic body life and disciple-making units. The CG is where we practice the three B’s of “Belonging, Believing and Blessing”. Through our CGs members are integrated into God’s family. In CGs members experience body life in a safe atmosphere of mutual love, sharing, caring and edification. It is also the place where authentic relationships are formed. The CG is also the place where we grow and mature in our faith. The focus of studying God’s Word is thus transformational rather than informational. We seek to be transformed by God’s Word that we might be the Christ-mastered kind with depth in grace, growth and godliness. Finally we also believe that the CGs provide an excellent platform for us to bless individuals and families in our neighbourhood and community. By meeting felt-needs we believe we can be God’s light that shines in the darkness and the channels of God’s love, grace, mercies and kindness.

United in our vision and our calling we will continue to seek God as we grow to become that City On A Hill.