Our Leaders



According to Acts 20:17, 28 & 1 Peter 5:1-2 the primary calling of elders is to shepherd or pastor God’s people. This means that elders are basically called to four primary duties. They are leading, shepherding, teaching and equipping.

At FPBC the elders are responsible for providing spiritual leadership to God’s people. To the best of their ability and by the grace of God they seek to discern God’s particular leading and align the church accordingly. They also seek to emulate The leadership modelled by Christ which is servant leadership.

The elders of FPBC are also focused on the task of shepherding God’s people. This involves protecting God’s people particularly against false teachings ( Acts 20:28-30 ) as well as providing care for them ( 1 Timothy 3:5; James 5:14 ).

Thirdly, the elders are also tasked with the responsibility of teaching ( Ephesians 4:11 ; Acts 6:4; Titus 1:9 ; 2 Timothy 4:1-5 ). The goals of this is two-fold. First, it is to provide instruction in sound doctrine. Secondly, it is to provide discipline and correction where and when necessary.

The final responsibility is in the area of equipping God’s people for the works of ministry ( Ephesians 4:11-13 ).

At FPBC, another responsibility taken up by the elders is to provide oversight and encouragement in the ministries of the church. The elders work in close cooperation and partnership with the deacons and ministry leaders to provide spiritual leadership and direction in order that we might live out our God-given vision of being a City On A Hill.

Our Elders


The office of deacons is an important and critical one. Although they are not the spiritual leaders of the church in that they are not responsible for teaching or leading the congregation they are indispensable because of their vital contribution to the life and health of the church. This is because they provide leadership over the service-oriented functions of the church. They come alongside and complement the elders with their works of service. In this respect, deacons can be viewed as servants who do whatever is necessary to allow the elders to accomplish their God-given calling of prayer, shepherding and teaching the church.

At FPBC, the deacons provide leadership in the following areas: Administration, Cell Groups & Pastoral Care, Family Ministries, Connection, Communications & Media, Facilities, as well as Social Needs and Concerns.

Working together and closely with the elders FPBC’s deacons play a vital role in ensuring that the practical needs of the church can be effectively met thus contributing the growth and vitality of the church.

Our Deacons