SRM – March 2016

The Scriptural Roots of Our Ministry (SRM) – March 2016




God has a great deal to say about doing his work in his way, for his glory. He has a passion for people, being vitally concerned about how they live and what they live for (1 Thessalonians 4:1). The purpose of the SRM is to absorb this passion . . . to possess it and be possessed, by going deeper into the Scriptures

The times we live in demand extraordinary faith and courage. There are no soft options. Our commitment to obeying the Scriptures forces us to seek and participate in the fullness of God’s program. We have to get at the roots. What is foundational? How does it integrate around Christ? What is our part?

Searching the Scriptures is more than an exercise. It’s a dialogue with the living God. The SRM, we believe, can help us grasp and submit to what he has in store for us.


  • prayerful research in the Scriptures
  • interacting with one another on what we find
  • discerning and digesting the implications
  • testing new insights in our ministries
  • being renewed and transformed, for his service

The SRM is not a project. Instead, it is an avenue of life-long discovery and learning. As the Holy Spirit empowers, we will keep on narrowing the gap between God’s requirement and our responses.


The material that follows can help us get started. The study guides are not the SRM; they are a tool, an outline to help us gain a grasp of the breadth of what Scripture says to the people of God about serving others. They can serve us during the biblical research phase of the SRM by helping broaden our picture of ministry. Then, during the forum to follow, we will have prepared ourselves to appreciate the whole of what God is doing through his people, and yet bring into focus that part, or contribution, that he has assigned to us.

  • Section 1: God & His Revelation
    1. God: Who is He?
    2. Is God Really Knowable?
    3. God & His Glory
    4. Understanding The Scriptures
  • Section 2: God & His Kingdom
    1. God’s Sovereign Reign In The Old Testament
    2. The Kingdom In The Gospels
    3. God’s Sovereign Reign In The New Testament
    4. The Kingdom of God & The Dominion of Satan
  • Section 3: God’s Purposes For His Creation
    1. God’s Overarching Plan
    2. Creation
    3. The Unseen Reality
    4. The Fall
    5. God Working Out His Plan
    6. The Gospel
  • Section 4: God and His People
    1. The People of God
    2. Unity & Community
    3. Gifts & Service
    4. The People of God Among The Lost
    5. Leading & Colabouring In The Body
    6. What Is The Church?
  • Section 5: God’s Pursuit of The Nations
    1. Nations & Cultures
    2. Sent To The Nations
    3. The Expansion of The Gospel
    4. The Pauline Apostolic Model
    5. The Purity & Mobility of The Gospel
    6. Function & Form
  • Section 6: The Nature of Ministry
    1. The Role of The Holy Spirit
    2. The Place of Prayer
    3. God At Work In Individuals
    4. God At Work In & Through The Body
    5. The Servant: What Is He To Be & Do?
    6. The Servant Leader